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Andrew Brown

Yes, You Can! Never stop learning new things. I started out from the island of Jamaica knowing that life is what you make it. It was difficult living in poverty which affected my day to day life. It affected my High School attendance and so much more. The stress and pain of knowing you were made for more was unbearable. I finished High School with only three CXC subjects and no money to attend college but nothing is impossible if you can only believe that things that seem impossible can become possible. I must highlight that God has been the center of my life and His continual guidance gives me the direction I need to pursue my dreams. The fact that I am now pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education (Ed.D.) at Oral Roberts University testifies of the impossible becoming possible. When I came to America with two suitcases leaving family, friends and a job behind it was like starting all over again. Many of you have experienced various changes in life. You gave up the place of comfort for the unknown! When life throws you lemons seize the opportunity and discover how you can make lemonade. Having faith in God is one of the keys that helped me realize my dreams. My prayer is that He would do the

Someones Destiny is Locked up in Your Obedience.

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